Clinics, Counseling and Teeth: St. David’s Grantmaking Settles In for the Long Haul

We recently filled you in on the largest award in St. David’s Foundation’s grantmaking history. But that got us wondering about what other types of Texas nonprofits this local funder likes to support—on perhaps a smaller scale.

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Well, St. David’s isn’t a funder to put all its eggs into one basket. The foundation recently announced a new set of grant awards totaling $26,840,492, which will be spread across 35 nonprofit healthcare organizations in central Texas.

St. David’s CEO, Earl Maxwell, described this recent commitment as “precedent setting.” Here are a few insights for grantseekers based on the latest facts and figures.

Safety Net Clinics are Top Priority

Of St. David's six funding categories, the “Healthy People” category came out on top, as usual. This category is all about safety net clinics that provide medical services to low-income residents. Over $12 million went toward these types of clinics in June 2015, split between 21 local organizations. This was the top funding category in 2014, too.

Mental Health Isn’t Far Behind

Safety net clinics may be getting the most of St. David’s attention, but not by much. This is a huge funder of mental health causes, and $11,541,488 was made to 23 mental health organizations in June. These services extend to local children, adults, and families.

Dental Health Still Gets Some Attention

Although the total grant amount may pale in comparison to the previous two funding categories, it’s important to mention St. David’s support for dental health, too. That’s because very few funders in the Southwest even keep dental health on their radars. Heck, most companies don’t offer dental insurance to their employees these days.

In June, St. David’s committed $2.5 million to healthy teeth in Texas. The foundation’s “Healthy Smiles” program is the largest charitable dental services program in the entire United States. In 2014 alone, the foundation’s dental program provided $5.6 million in free dental services in Central Texas and helped 5,500 children get dental care at their schools.

Meanwhile, St. David’s other priorities saw no new grants in June. Perhaps we’ll see more grants for aging adults, diet & exercise, and health care careers in the next grant cycle, but then again, maybe not.

In 2014, far more funds went toward mental health and low-income health care access than anything else.  Thanks to that record-setting $10 million grant to Austin’s People’s Community Clinic, St. David’s is on a roll with its “ramping up” strategy, and there are no signs of slowing down or changing direction.

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Check out the foundation’s How to Apply for a Grant page to get involved and try your luck at a piece of this ever-growing pie. Program officers are listed by name for each funding category, and they’re your first point of direct contact.