What Issues Do These Dallas Donors Care About Most Right Now?

As we pointed out in our initial coverage of the Dallas Foundation, most of the potential grant money here is donor-advised, meaning that the foundation has limited control over which nonprofits receive support. So that’s why our ears perked up when we heard about the latest round of competitive grants winners from the foundation’s field of interest funds.

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The Dallas Foundation recently committed $1,251,005 to 30 Dallas-area nonprofits in a competitive process. Field-of-Interest funds support causes that are generally important to donors, such as education, the arts, social services, and health. The Board of Governors awards these grants on the basis of competitive applications to the most appropriate programs or organizations within the fields of interest.

For the most recent grant cycle, 13 funds were included in field of interest grantmaking. Here’s a quick rundown of what these funds are and what types of causes they’re supporting today.

  • James D. Webb Fund – medical research
  • Erin Wylie Fund – animal welfare
  • Betty Pope Fund – animal welfare
  • Louis B. and Mary Ratliff Fund – animal welfare, homelessness, employment, housing
  • Lucile W. and George R. Pattullo Funds – employment
  • Jalonick Family Memorial Funds (3) – breast cancer, disabled youth, domestic violence
  • Morris Hartley Morgan, Jr. Fund – sick children
  • Bertice Carter Speck Fund – deaf children
  • Jean Baptiste “Tad” Adoue, III Fund – theater, opera, art exhibits
  • Annie L. Stevens Fund/Elizabeth T. Robinson Fund – early literacy, after-school programs, child vision, child bereavement, low-income seniors, new mothers

Check out the full list of 2015 Field of Interest Funds Approved Grants here, or download the list from the foundation website.

“The Dallas Foundation strives to identify nonprofit organizations that, through their missions and commitment to excellence, positively impact the lives of North Texans and our community,” Helen Holman, chief philanthropy officer, said in a press release. “This year’s Field of Interest grant recipients truly represent some of the most effective work happening in Dallas.”

Unfortunately for grantseekers, field of interest funding is over for this year. But for 2016, these are the broad categories to remember:

  • Arts
  • Critical needs
  • Animal welfare
  • Older adults/aging
  • Low income children and adults
  • Abused and neglected children
  • Disabled children
  • Blind or deaf children
  • Children with debilitation diseases
  • African-American citizens

As you can see from the categories and this year's grantees, children comprise the largest concern of these Dallas-area donors. Animal welfare is also pretty important, so keep this in mind if you’re running a shelter or rescue facility.

For each of these categories, letters of inquiry are due the first of March, and all applicants must provide services in Dallas County to be eligible. Head over to the foundation’s Field of Interest Funding Cycle page to access the online grantseeker portal.