How Much Does the Louis L. Borick Foundation Give in Texas?

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Louis L. Borick Foundation was the 45th top funder in the Houston area in overall giving in a recent year, with about $4.1 million in grants.

So exactly where are the Houston-based Borick's grants going -- and how many are staying in Texas?

In 2015, the Borick Foundation spread its funding across a few geographic areas, but didn’t leave Texas out of the mix. For example, last year it gave $100,000 to the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi, $300,000 to the Resource Center of Dallas, Inc. for a capital campaign, and $10,000 to Amarillo’s Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation.

However, it seems that the Los Angeles area has actually been a significantly bigger region of focus lately. The bulk of Borick’s funding stays in specific regions of Texas, like these noted above, and Northern and Southern California. However, as we’ve seen recently, these aren’t strict rules that the funder sticks to all the time.

Some causes hit too close to home for this funder to ignore, such as Opportunity Resources Inc. in Missoula, Montana. This group is turning a 160-acre ranch into a destination for people of all abilities to experience farm life and interact with nature. The Borick Foundation recently gave this group $152,000, the second grant to Opportunity Ranch in three years.

The funder also recently supported an art exhibit about the environmental effects of plastic in Hawaii. And its loyalty doesn’t lie exclusively with the U.S. when very specific causes are presented that appeal to the foundation board and staff. In the recent past, the foundation has supported GLAAD, the LBGT advocacy group, as it expanded operations to Great Britain and elsewhere internationally.

Keep in mind that this funder supports a wide variety of causes in Texas and elsewhere, including animal welfare, arts, early childhood education, foster youth, LGBT causes, and environmental and historical preservation. But unfortunately, unsolicited grant requests are not welcome here. General questions can be directed to the foundation’s program director, Lauren Johnson, at 213-278-0855 or via online form.

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