Amarillo Area Foundation

OVERVIEW: Amarillo supports education, social services, economic development, healthcare, culture, environment and infrastructure in the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. Deadlines fall throughout the year.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, social services, economic development, healthcare, culture, environment, infrastructure

IP TAKE:  While there are a few grant programs to wrap your head around, just remember that funding interests are broad and unsolicited requests are accepted. Grant cycle information is updated regularly.

PROFILE: Based in Amarillo, Texas, the Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) is a community funder for the Texas Panhandle. AAF serves over 400,000 people in the region and covers 26 counties and 85 communities. It was founded in 1957; in 1988, the Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation was restructured to become a supporting organization of AAF.

In a recent year, the funder had about 348 funds, 22 of which were new that year. The Amarillo Area Foundation and the Harrington Foundation had combined assets of over $225 million that year and gave out over $11.6 million to nonprofits in its 26-county region.

Interests are education, social services, economic development, healthcare, culture, environment, and infrastructure. The Amarillo Area Foundation’s four focus areas are education, health, human services, and poverty.  The Harrington Foundation’s interests are hospitals, healthcare agencies, cultural programs, higher education, youth, social services, and civic affairs.

Grant proposal deadlines are in June, September and November. The grant programs each have distinct deadlines. The application process is online and must be completed through an online portal. Harrington does not accept grant requests directly—all grant requests should be sent to AAF. Discretionary grants are often between $20,000 and $100,000 each. All grant applications are on the website.

Multiple competitive programs award grants independent of the discretionary and catalyst grant programs. Each has its own eligibility requirements, defined on each RFP page. The competitive grant programs are the Women’s Philanthropy Fund, the CNS Pantex Community Investment Fund and the Pattern Panhandle Wind Civic and Education Funds.

In partnership with AAF, Harrington Regional Medical Campus awards annual grants to groups on the campus and also to nonprofits in the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. These grants largely go to students and professionals pursuing health education, capital improvement projects and research projects. AAF awards scholarships for graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled college students.

General inquiries can be directed to the staff at 806-376-4521 or by mail at 801 South Filmore, Suite 700, Amarillo, Texas 79101. There are about nine professionals on the program and services staff of AAF. The email address for grantseeker questions is Keep up through their foundation newsletter.


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