Presbyterian Health Foundation

OVERVIEW: The Presbyterian Health Foundation supports medical education and research in Oklahoma, as well biotechnology improvements in the state and other community health needs.

FUNDING AREAS: Medical education and research in Oklahoma, health and wellbeing in the community

IP TAKE:  Lately, this foundation has been very interested in equipment purchases and connecting venture capitalists and biotech companies with funded conferences.

PROFILE: Established in 1985, the Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is a health conversion foundation created from the sale of Presbyterian Hospital to HCA. PHF developed the PHF Research Park with 700,000 square feet of office and lab space. Then, it sold the park in 2013 to the University of Oklahoma and began focusing its efforts on medical education and research funding. Today, the foundation is largely focused on medical education and research in Oklahoma, but it also supports science education, community health, and the Oklahoma Health Center.

Within the realm of medical education and research, this funder has been particularly interested in genetic research and biotechnology. That is because PHF believes that biotechnology holds the key to transforming ideas into products that will save and improve lives. The foundation’s efforts extend to the recruitment of scientists and biotech companies for the purpose of alleviating suffering and death. The foundation’s overarching goal is to make the Oklahoma Health Center a leader in healthcare and education. In addition to grants for medical research, PHF has supported clinical pastoral education, resource development through medical technology transfer, and community health-related programs in the past. Grantees include the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Dean McGee Eye Institute, Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, i2E, Children’s Hospital Foundation, Easter Seals of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Blood Institute, Oklahoma City University Physician’s Assistant Program, and Oklahoma School for Science and Mathematics.

In any given year, the foundation awards about $3 million in grants. Learn more about this funder’s past support in the news section of its website. Grantmaking is centered on the state of Oklahoma, and many past grantees have been based within or affiliated with the Oklahoma Health Center.

Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. Invited applicants can fill out a grant request form online. Direct general questions to the staff by phone at 405-319-8150, via online form, or by the direct email addresses listed on the funder’s website.


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