Tucson Foundations

OVERVIEW: Tucson Foundations is made up of 11 private family foundations that are locally focused. The Lohse family directs all 11 foundations and supports education, health, hospitals, child welfare, libraries, the arts, community benefit, youth, hunger, and homelessness.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, health, hospitals, child welfare, libraries, the arts, community benefit, youth, hunger, homelessness

IP TAKE:  Check the funder’s website to see if unsolicited applications are being accepted again and what the guidelines are. It recently took a break from new grants to focus on current commitments.

PROFILE: The Tucson Foundations is a collection of 11 foundations directed by the Lohse Family. Attorney Ashby I. Lohse was a Tucson native who specialized in estate planning and probate law. He worked with many local families who set up private foundations in their names to distribute funds after their deaths. The Lohse family is committed to philanthropy in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. Grantmaking areas of interest include education, health, hospitals, child welfare, libraries, the arts, community benefit, youth, hunger, and homelessness.

More specifically, here is a list of the foundations that operate within Tucson Foundations and what they support:

1. Walter and Juliet J. Absolon Foundation – hospitals, universities, medical research, children.

2. Calistri Family Foundation – pre-selected organizations, possibly education and religion.

3. Martin and Hildegard Gluck Foundation – humanitarian organizations, medical, child welfare.

4. Graesser Foundation – University of Arizona, elderly, child welfare, veterans’ organizations, aid to military families.

5. George Mason Green and Lois C. Green Foundation – hospitals, child welfare, libraries, public radio and television, the arts.

6. Lohse Foundation – family designated, possibly community benefit.

7. Margaret E. Mooney Foundation – the arts, child welfare.

8. Mulcahy Foundation – child welfare, education.

9. Martha R. Neff Foundation – education.

10.  Vance Foundation – child welfare, arts, museums, homelessness, the University of Arizona.

11. Lucille E. Williams Foundation – arthritic, asthma and heart research and treatment, homelessness, hunger, youth, education, child and adult welfare.

Grants typically range from $1,000 to $100,000. View lists of recently awarded grants, as well as a link to Form 990s for financial information, here. Top grantees include St. Ambrose Parish and School, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona, the University of Arizona. Other grantees include the YMCA of Southern Arizona, Hopi School, Habitat for Humanity Tucson, and the Civic Orchestra of Tucson. Grantmaking is focused on the Tucson area and elsewhere in southern Arizona. The Tucson Foundation offers challenge and matching grants, program support, capital campaign support, general operating expense supports, emergency funds, and endowments.

Tucson Foundations stopped accepting uninvited grant proposals because it is heavily committed to current grantees. However, this may change in the future, as the funder has continued to meet with current recipients and other groups seeking advice. At other times, this funder has typically accepted requests throughout the year. Direct general questions to the foundation team at 520-791-3939 or via online form.


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