Bob Parsons and GoDaddy Double Holiday Gift to Veterans Charity

This type of challenge has become an increasingly common way for major philanthropists to dispense funds, as it leverages their giving by encouraging others to donate as well, thereby increasing endowments. And with a network as large as GoDaddy, it was really no surprise that they reached their million dollar goal just halfway through their two-month challenge. Not wanting to dampen the holiday spirit, however, Parsons first doubled the challenge, saying he’d give up to $2 million in matching donations, and then threw another half million on top when the second goal was met before the deadline.

“Our veterans, from each and every branch of our military, deserve to come home to a support system that reflects how much we appreciate and respect the sacrifice they have made for our country,” said Parsons. “The matching campaign was the perfect opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the Semper Fi Fund and give hope this holiday season to veterans who have been critically injured while defending the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.”

All told, when the results of the campaign were announced last week, more than $5 million was raised for the Semper Fi Fund, with $2.5 million coming directly out of Parsons’ pocket. Check out Bob Parsons' full profile on Inside Philanthropy