Bob Parsons Keeps on Doubling Down on Veterans

As a veteran of the Vietnam War and recipient of a Purple Heart, GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons has been a longtime supporter of veterans' organizations, and in particular, the Semper Fi Fund. Now he's upped the ante with his largest contribution to date. 

Last year, we reported that after an initial matching donation of $1 million from GoDaddy and the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation was met, Parsons doubled the size of his gift, challenging supporters to raise an additional million. And when that goal was met before the December 31 deadline, he tacked on an additional $500,000, bringing his total contribution to $2.5 million, and raising a total of $5 million for the organization.

This year, Parsons as decided to double down again, putting up a $5 million matching gift. That brings Parsons' total support for the organization to at least $8.5 million, but he may not be done yet. Like last year, Semper Fi is on track to exceed its $5 million goalit's barely halfway through the challenge, and has already raised well over $3 million. And if the past is any indication, if it can hit $5 milion before the deadline, Parsons is likely to extend his matching gift beyond the $5 million he's already committed. 

Parsons' generosity is part of a larger ongoing focus on veterans issues among funders. A long list of foundations has stepped forward this year with new or expanded efforts, including the McCormick Foundation, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, the Blue Shield of California Foundation, and the Lincoln Community Foundation. But Bob Parsons and GoDaddy definitely stand out among the largest supporters of veterans organizations.