PPG Industries Foundation Might Support What You Stage

PPG Industries Foundation gives upward of $5 million each year. Giving to the arts falls under its Civic & Culture area of focus, which receives the least dollar love from the foundation.

Within the arts, visual arts is at the forefront, but mixed into PPG Industries Foundation's recent giving are some notable contributions in the theater and theater-inclusive realm:

Both by volume and by dollars, this is just a drop in the bucket for the foundation's giving. But it's there, which means you too can reach out and grab it.

You've probably noticed that every theater and theater-related organization PPG Industries Foundation has recently funded operates in Pittsburgh. So it also probably won't surprise you to learn that Pittsburgh is the corporation's headquarters.

But the foundation states that it seeks to enhance "the quality of life in communities where it has a presence.” That presence is composed of more than 40 communities and cities in 17 states across the country. 

The foundation also supports national-level initiatives. Though it has not funded any theater programs outside of Pittsburgh lately, there's nothing to say that it won't. (No matter where your theater initiative takes place, you must be a 501(c)(3).)

For its arts giving, the foundation states that it’s interested in initiatives that provide “increased accessibility for all citizens to arts activities and performance through intervention and outreach programs," so make sure the program you are pitching to PPG Industries Foundation is directly related to involving the community (including audience development), and that you articulate how your program actively betters the lives of people in your community.

PPG Industries Foundation has an open application process. It used to involve contacting community liaisons (or corporate headquarters if you were a national or Pittsburgh-based program). That open application process has recently moved online for all giving, and all grant applications are now assessed by the foundation’s Screening Committee and Board of Directors.

When it comes to selected winning grant applications, PPG Industries Foundation assesses your program’s financial needs, but also wants grantees to have other established financial resources. It wants your theater program to have scope and impact, but also seeks to support programs that are uniquely designed and situated to fulfill a need. The foundation also assesses your organization’s “capability and reputation,” so be sure to market yourself in glowing terms, since garnering theater funding from this foundation will first require really getting its attention.

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