Meet The Winner of The 2015 Davey Foundation Theatre Grant

The Salt Lake City-based Davey Foundation firmly believes that youth shouldn't be wasted on the young.

Now I admit, the youth in question are filmmakers and playwrights under the age of 35, but hopefully you get my point. For example, just last month I looked at the foundation's filmmaker grant for under-35 filmmakers. And today brings news that the foundation has announced the winner of its theatre grant for playwrights under 35.

But before taking a closer look at the winner, let's first loop back to the foundation. (I also want to build suspense.)

The Salt Lake City-based Davey Foundation was created to honor the life of David Ross Fetzer and his commitment to the film and theatre arts. In addition to providing grants to artists in the under-35 demographic, the foundation provides an equally crucial mentoring framework that allows the Davey grantee to flourish.

The filmmaker grants range from $5,000 for writers and directors, as well as the Cinema Camera Package, which is essentially a gift package valued at $10,000 for equipment.

Judges for the foundation's theatre grant sifted through 50 script submissions from all over the country (which is worth noting, because the Cinema Camera Package is only limited to individuals either born in Utah, currently living in Utah, or previously living in Utah for more than a year).

And the winner? That would be Katherine Vondy and her play The Fermi Paradox, a provocative work that "juxtaposes universal themes of love and betrayal with contemporary dance competition shows, the work of Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, and the awe-inspiring setting of the cosmos to tell a story that is at once familiar and extraordinary."


Needless to say, the foundation's judges, which included theatre professionals as well as collaborators and friends of David Fetzer, including Ariana Broumas Farber, Kathleen Cahill, and Robin Wilks-Dunn, were drawn by Vondy's ambition and scope.

The play will now receive a week-long workshop at the Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC). A company of local actors and artists including a choreographer and filmmaker will also participate in the project.

Most interestingly, in line with the Davey Foundation's purpose to encourage emerging artists (defined as 35 or under), everyone involved in the workshop will also be 35 or under. The workshop culminates in a public staged reading at SLAC on Monday, August 31, 2015 at 7 p.m.