Meet the Winners of the Latest Round of Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grants

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation has been supporting cutting-edge artists in New York and Los Angeles for over 20 years through its Emerging Artist grants.

These grants go to "promising visual artists in the greater New York metropolitan region," and if past winners are any indication, the foundation knows how to pick 'em. Alumni include many artists who are now represented by major galleries and are housed in public and private American and international collections, including Sarah Sze, Erik Parker, and Dana Schutz.

The foundation's site notes that it does not have an open application process. Instead, it first consults with artists, curators, critics, and professors to come up with a list of nominees. After that, a second committe, completely independent of the first, selects the final winners from that first group. (Consider it as checks and balances for grant selection.)

The foundation recently announced the winners of its 2014 New York cycle. Winners, who receive $10,000 in unrestricted cash, include Abigail DeVille, Sara Magenheimer, Dora Budor, Mary Simpson, Kameelah Rasheed, Maia Cruz Palileo, Cara Benedetto, and Yevgeniya Baras.

The announcement, pulled from Art World magazine, notes that many of the winners will be "familiar to regular gallery-goers in the city." Since we're guessing some of our readers don't fall into this niche demographic, here's a closer look at some of the selected winners.

Croatian artists Dora Budor‘s "Action Paintings" produces three video segments that recreate blockbuster action film tropes including the rooftop pursuit, the car chase, and the apocalyptic nightmare in a perpetual loop.

Maia Cruz Palileo is a multi-disciplinary artist. According to her site, "Migration and the permeable concept of home are constant themes in her paintings, installations, drawings, and animations. Influenced by oral history of her family’s arrival in America from the Philippines and growing up in the Midwest, Maia infuses these narratives with memory and imagination."

Born in East Palo Alto, California, Kameelah Janan Rasheed is a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist working primarily with photography, installation, and texts. As an artist-archivist, her work attempts to "reconcile experiences of homelessness and displacement through archival installations that map conversations between found material culture, ephemeral historical residue, personal objects, self-authored books and original photography."

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