Attention Visual Artists: Check Out This Grant From the Harpo Foundation

Why is it that when we think about artists we generally tend to think about old artists? Very rarely do we imagine Picasso or Rembrandt as vibrant 20-somethings. Instead, we picture them as wise, chiseled masters, poring over their latest masterpiece cloaked in the wisdom that comes with old age.

It's a topic we've touched on previously (fun fact: according to a paper by Economist P.H. Franses, modern painters actually did their greatest work in their 40s), and we mention it now in the context of the Harpo Foundation's call for submissions for its grant for visual artists. 

Specifically, the award provides direct support of up to $10,000 to under-recognized artists aged 21 years or older. The online application will be posted on April 1, 2016, so you have some time to prepare. Here's what you need to know.

First off, to hear the foundation tell it, an "under-recognized" artist is someone who has not: 

  • Presented their work at venues such as major museums, art centers, international biennales.
  • Received multiple notable awards and grants.
  • Enjoyed the representation of a prominent commercial gallery.

In other words, if none of these bullet points apply to you, you're considered "under-recognized." (Congratulations?)

Applicants will need to submit a resume, artist's statement, and up to 10 work samples online. According to the foundation, applications are evaluated on the basis of the "quality of the artist's work, the potential to expand aesthetic inquiry, and its relationship to the foundation's priority to provide support to visual artists who are under-recognized by the field."

The deadline to submit an online application for the 2016 grant cycle is May 4, 2016. For more information and to apply, click here.

The Chicago-based Harpo Foundation was created in 2006 to support under-recognized artists. The foundation generally awards seven to 10 grants each year. The average grant is $6,000 and grant amounts do not exceed $10,000.

It also offers the Emerging Artist Fellowship at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Established in 2013, the fellowship provides an annual opportunity to an emerging visual artist 25 years of age or older who needs time and space to explore an idea and/or start a new project. Read more about the fellowship here.