Andrew Feldstein and Jane Veron

NET WORTH: Unknown 

SOURCE OF WEALTH: BlueMountain Capital 

FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Public Policy, NYC community, TBD

OVERVIEW: Andrew Feldstein, his wife Jane, and family move their philanthropy through Forward Vision, which appears to be recently minted. The couple supports their schools; public policy is another interest. Jane is CEO and co-founder of The Acceleration Project (TAP). 

BACKGROUND: Andrew Feldstein received a  B.A. from Georgetown University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He spent over a decade at J.P. Morgan where he was a managing director. He went on to cofound BlueMountain Capital in 2003. 


EDUCATION & YOUTH: Andrew Feldstein and Jane Veron support their schools, Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown via Forward Vision. 

POLICY: The couple has supported Harvard University Kennedy School of Government's Women and Public Policy Program, as well as Third Way Institute and The Santa Fe Institute (SFI), an "independent, nonprofit theoretical research institute dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of the fundamental principles of complex adaptive systems, including physical, computational, biological, and social systems." Feldstein is a trustee of Third Way Institute and SFI. 

OTHER: The family has supported Robin Hood Foundation, Brigham Women's Hospital, and Himalayan Development Foundation.

LOOKING FORWARD: The couple's philanthropy appears to be just getting started through Forward Vision and should be watched carefully for greater giving down the line. Women's economic issues may emerge as an issue—remember, Jane is CEO and co-founder of The Acceleration Project (TAP), a "nonprofit which harnesses the talent of professional women to accelerate small business growth."


Forward Vision does not provide a clear avenue of contact but below is an address:

Forward Vision
270 Park Ave., 5th Fl.
New York City, NY 10017