David Herro

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Harris Associates

FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Policy

OVERVIEW: David Herro moves his philanthropy through the David Herro Charitable Foundation, which focuses on the Chicago area. Herro is a strong backer of Catholic schools. He and his partner Jay Franke are strong arts patrons, particularly of dance. 

BACKGROUND: David Herro grew up in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin at Platteville, and then worked for Hormel. Herro also received an MA from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1985 and took a job starting and managing an international stock fund with Principal Financial Group. He took a similar position at The State of Wisconsin Investment Board. In the early 1990s, Herro joined Harris Associates, where he's partner and CIO of international equity. 


EDUCATION & YOUTH: Herro comes from a humble background and attended Catholic school. One of the focuses of his philanthropy is education, particularly Catholic education. Herro supports a scholarship named after his father at St. Mary’s Spring High School in Wisconsin. Most of Herro's other work takes places in Chicago: strong support has gone to Big Shoulders Fund, which works in inner-city Chicago. Other grantees include LEARN Charter School Network, Holy Trinity High School, Chicago High School for the Arts, Educators for Excellence, and John T. McCutcheon Elementary School.

ARTS & CULTURE: In 2007, Herro helped launch Chicago Dancing Festival, an event that draws dance companies from around the country. His longtime partner, dancer Jay Franke, is the festival's artistic director. Herro has also supported Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Music and Dance Theater Chicago.

POLICY: Herro has described himself as libertarian and once told Fortune, "There was a Reagan phrase — government that governs the least governs the best...for the most part, libertarian policies make sense.” He's supported American Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute, and Better Government Association via his foundation.

OTHER: Herro has shown an interest in diabetes and has supported University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center. He's directed money to A Better Chicago, which "enables people and companies who are passionate about our community to invest in a group of extraordinary nonprofits that are creating opportunity for our region's low-income population"; and WINGS Program which "provides a pathway to independence for adults and children who are escaping from domestic violence and abuse."

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect Herro to stick with his select interest areas, with a continued eye towards Chicagoland. 


David Herro Charitable Foundation
159 E. Walton Place
Chicago, IL  60611
(312) 587-0408