Dmitry Balyasny

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Balyasny Asset Management (BAM)

FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Policy, Jewish causes

OVERVIEW: Via his Balyasny Foundation and recently-minted Mark's Legacy Foundation, Dmitry Balyasny supports select education and youth outfits, as well as right-of-center policy organizations. Much of his philanthropy focuses on Chicagoland and New York City. 

BACKGROUND: Dmitry Balyasny began his trading career with Schonfeld Securities in 1994, and has been an active investor in hedge funds since 1999. He founded Balyasny Asset Management in 2001.


EDUCATION & YOUTH: Dmitry Balyasny sits on the board of Teach for America-Chicago, and strongly supports TFA via his Balyasny Foundation. Other grantees have included One Goal, Chicago Collegiate Charter School, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Students for Liberty, and the Roycemore School.

POLICY: Balyasny is on the board of the Chicago chapter of the Ayn Rand Institute, which he's supported. He's also supported places like Institute for Justice, and the Cato Institute. Libertarian organizations seem to be preferred.

JEWISH CAUSES: Balyasny has given sums to Lezion B’rina Institute, which provides education to Jewish boys from the Soviet Union. He's also supported Jewish Federation of Los Angeles.

OTHER: Other grantees include Chicago organizations like A Better Chicago,  a nonprofit venture philanthropy fund for the Chicago metropolitan area. He's also supported Wounded Warrior Project.

LOOKING FORWARD: Balyasny keeps a low profile and hasn't said much publicly about what drives his giving. His board memberships are something to keep an eye on, though.


The Balyasny Foundation and Mark's Legacy Foundation do not provide a clear avenue for getting in touch with the couple but below is contact information:

Balyasny Foundation
135 E. 57th Street, 27th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Mark's Legacy Foundation
1933 N. Burling St.
Chicago, IL 60614