Edward and Kinga Lampert

NET WORTH: $1.8 billion

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Founder of ESL Investments; CEO of Sears

FUNDING AREAS: Health (Cancer), Education

OVERVIEW: Edward Lampert and his wife Kinga's philanthropy so far has focused on health, especially cancer research. Kinga co-chairs the board of directors of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Assorted sums have also gone to education outfits. Most of Lampert's philanthropy takes place in the Northeast, Miami, and Colorado. The Lamperts' charitable vehicle is the Lampert Foundation.

BACKGROUND: Edward Lampert received his bachelor's in economics from Yale University. After graduating, he worked alongside fellow billionaire Daniel Och in the risk arbitrage department at Goldman Sachs before founding ESL Investments, a hedge fund, in 1988. Lampert also took over as CEO of Sears in 2013.


HEALTH: Lampert's health philanthropy focuses in on fighting cancer. Kinga cochairs the board of directors of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which the couple supports. The Lamperts have also supported the American Friends of UHN. UHN is a network of hospitals in the Toronto area. Support has also gone to the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, Breast Cancer Alliance, Delete Blood Cancer, and Cold Spring Laboratory, which runs research programs in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, and more. Apart from cancer, sums have also gone to Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. The ingredients here are personal, as Lampert's father died of a heart attack.

EDUCATION: Lampert's giving in this area isn't on the level as his health philanthropy, but support has largely gone to local schools in communities where the Lamperts have ties. Miami County Day School, and Greenwich Academy have each seen recent sums. Money has also recently gone to the Brunswick School Annual Fund.

OTHER: Lampert is known for being a fan of Ayn Rand. Unsurprisingly, money has gone to the Ayn Rand Institute.  He's also supported the Reason Foundation, an L.A.-based think-tank "promoting choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy," and the Institute for Justice, which describes itself as the "nation's only libertarian, civil liberties, public interest law firm." Support has also gone to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, the YMCA of Greenwich, and the Young Women's Leadership Network.

LOOKING FORWARD: The Lampert Foundation has been gradually ramping up its giving, with around $2.7 million going out of the door in a recently reported tax year. Just a few years ago in 2009, a little over $250,000 was given away. Lampert is only in his 50s, and still very much engaged in business. keep an eye on this couple's philanthropy for greater giving down the line.


The Lampert Foundation does not provide a clear avenue for grantseekers to get in touch with the couple, but an address is listed below

The Lampert Foundation
1170 Kane Concourse, No 200
Bay Harbor, FL 33154