Joseph and Sheila Gutman

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Goldman Sachs, Grosvenor Capital Management

FUNDING AREAS: Health & Science Research, Jewish Causes, Education & Youth, Human Services, Chicago Community

OVERVIEW: Joseph Gutman and his wife, Sheila, move their philanthropy through the Gutman Family Foundation. The Gutman family's philanthropy focuses in on the Chicago area where they live. The couple has supported their mutual alma mater University of Illinois. They also support a variety of health causes, as well as fund Jewish outfits. 

BACKGROUND: Joseph D. Gutman received a B.S. in accountancy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1979 and his MBA in finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in 1981. Gutman joined Goldman Sachs in the 1980s, where he rose to co-head of the Chicago office, a managing director, and a partner. After more than twenty years at Goldman Sachs, Gutman joined Grosvenor Capital Management.


HEALTH/SCIENCE RESEARCH: Gutman and his wife, Sheila, via their family foundation have supported a range of health outfits. Everything from cancer, to neurological disease, to even allergies have been reflected in recent Gutman Family Foundation grantmaking. Grantees have included Alzheimer’s Disease International, Blythedale Children's Hospital, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Center for Science in The Public Interest, Charles M. Schwartz Memorial Foundation (which deals with joint replacement), Food Allergy Research & Education, For Autistic Kids, National Fragile X Foundation (which deals with a family of genetic disorders), National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

JEWISH CAUSES: Gutman was appointed to the council for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, which the couple supportts. The Gutmans steadily support Jewish outfits, such as American Israel Education Fund, Birthright Israel Foundation, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, and the Nesiya Institute, which "inspires young people to deepen their relationship with Judaism, the Jewish people, and the nation and land of Israel."

EDUCATION & YOUTH: Gutman and Sheila are both University of Illinois graduates. The University of Illinois is home to the Gutman Teaching Excellence Fellowship. Gutman Family Foundation grantees have included After School Matters in Chicago, BUILD, which specializes in gang intervention, prevention and youth programs in Chicago, Highland Park High School, Kellogg School of Management , University of Michigan, and Harlem Village Academies.

HUMAN SERVICES: The couple appears keen on tackling addiction and has supported Above It All Treatment Drug Addiction Treatment Center, and the Jordan Michael Filler Foundation, which deals with drug addiction in youths.

CHICAGO COMMUNITY: The Gutmans have modestly supported arts and culture in Chicago and gave a grant to Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. They've also supported Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and the Chicago Debate Commission.

LOOKING FORWARD: Gutman is still very much engaged in business, but perhaps their family foundation will ramp up its giving down the line.


The Gutman Family Foundation does not provide a clear avenue for getting in touch with the couple but below is an address:

The Gutman Family Foundation
53 Sycamore Pl.
Highland Park, IL 60035