Julian Robertson

NET WORTH: $3.8 billion

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Founder, Tiger Management

FUNDING AREAS: Education, Environment, Medical Research, Religion and Spirituality, Poverty in underdeveloped countries.

OVERVIEW: In 1989, Julian Robertson started the Tiger Foundation, an organization that remains active today thanks to the tight-knit family of former Tiger employees and colleagues. In 1996, Robertson and late wife Josie also established The Robertson Foundation to begin allocating the family's assets to US based grantees. He also launched his third charitable organization, The Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation (BJR). Blanche and Julian were his parents, and the Foundation operates independently to improve quality of life in Robertson's birthplace of Salisbury, North Carolina. In his retirement, Giving Pledge signatory Robertson has committed himself to giving away most of his money to help others through grants for education, the environment, and medical research. He has also shown a commitment to help the people in sub-Saharan Africa fight poverty. 

BACKGROUND: Julian Robertson is the retired manager of hedge fund Tiger Management. For over a decade since the Tiger funds were dissipated, Robertson has been investing directly in other hedge funds, particularly those managed by the "Tiger Cubs." Retirement has also given Robertson the freedom to become an active philanthropist and benefactor. In 2010 he signed the Giving Pledge--pioneered by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates--committing the majority of his wealth to charitable causes. He was already on the list of Top 50 American Givers, donating a recorded $354 million from 2004-2008.


HEALTH: The Foundation gave $27 million to the New York Stem Cell Research Foundation in 2010, following a $10 million individual donation from Robertson himself.

ENVIRONMENT: Robertson has supported a litany of environmental organizations, includingEarthJustice, the National Parks Conservation Association, the World Resources Institute and the Southern Environmental Law Center, with most of his funds in this are (over $31 million) going to the Environmental Defense Fund. Recently, climate change has become an important issue for Robertson as well.

EDUCATION: In late 2015, Robertson donated $3.5 million to his alma mater, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. There's also the Robertson Foundation's own Reform from Within initiative and Drive Change by Generating External Pressure initiative, as well as Robertson's support for the the New York City Charter School Center.

LOOKING FORWARD: As an individual, Robertson's philanthropic arms have a broad embrace. He has a soft spot for National Parks, military families, and the obesity epidemic. He sits on the board of the the Aotearoa Foundation, and the Robertson Scholars Program. Friends have drawn him into public policy and he once funded lobbyists to help pass an influential auto emissions bill. The environment is an increasing concern for the aging donor. Above all, Robertson believes in "giving where it counts." Don't be surprised if he sets up a fourth foundation to accommodate his ever-growing areas of interest.


  • The Robertson Foundation, 101 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10178,