Larry Linden

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Environmental Conservation

OVERVIEW: Linden founded the Linden Trust for Conservation, which provides funds and strategic support for conservation and climate efforts using market-based strategies. 

BACKGROUND: Lawrence H. Linden graduated from Princeton with a BSE, and received his Ph.D. from MIT. Linden was a partner at McKinsey for several years before joining Goldman Sachs in 1992. Linden made partner at the firm and was also a manging director. He retired from Goldman in 2008.


ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION: The Linden Trust for Conservation describes itself as a "medium-sized charitable foundation whose mission is to help stabilize Earth's biodiversity and ecological processes for the benefit of humanity." The foundation is best known for setting up creative financing for long-term support of large-scale conservation projects. However, the trust recently launched a Market Solutions Initiative, which seeks to encourage the adoption of an "economy-wide, market-based solution to address the challenge of climate change." One of the program's goals is to tackle the problem through policies that can win bipartisan support.

The trust also has two other programs. Through its Environmental Markets program, one recent project is Reductions in Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation ("REDD"). REDD supports the current effort to amend the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to allow carbon credits to be granted to countries that demonstrate reductions in their emissions of carbon dioxide due to deforestation. Through its Conservation Program, one long-running effort is Restoration of the Great Plains, whose objective is to partially restore significant features of the American Great Plains, including the ecological restoration of the bison.

On an institutional front, Linden has given its most grantmaking support to Resources for the Future and the World Wildlife Fund. Larry Linden is a member and former chairman of the board of trustees of Resources for the Future, as well as a board member of World Wildlife Fund.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect Linden to stay laser-focused on the environment, bringing his unique finance perspective and giving growing attention to climate change policy.