Marc F. McMorris

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Carrick Capital Partners

FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, TBD

OVERVIEW: Marc McMorris does not yet appear to have a formal charitable vehicle. He has given gifts to his alma mater UPenn and sits on several educational boards.

BACKGROUND:  Marc F. McMorris graduated with an economics degree from UPenn in 1990 where he also received his MBA in finance in 1992. McMorris was an associate at Morgan Stanley where he worked in the telecom/media mergers & acquisitions group. He served as a vice president in the high-tech mergers and acquisitions group of Goldman Sachs and was a managing director with General Atlantic. McMorris is co-founder and managing director of Carrick Capital Partners in San Francisco.


EDUCATION & YOUTH: McMorris is a trustee of his alma mater University of Pennsylvania, which he’s been steadily supporting for more than a decade with annual gifts of increasing size. He also sits on the board of Classroom Inc., a nonprofit that helps students in high-poverty communities develop literacy and leadership skills, and on the San Francisco advisory board of Scholars for Educational Opportunity (SEO).

LOOKING FORWARD: McMorris is only in his early 50s and very much engaged in business. He lives in the Bay Area with his family and the region could be the site of future major giving.

LINK: Carrick Capital Partners