Renato and Siu Ping Negrin

NET WORTH: Unknown  

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Millennium Capital

FUNDING AREAS: Global Education, Climate Change, Jewish Community, Health, TBD

OVERVIEW: Renato Negrin and his wife Siu do not yet have a formal charitable vehicle, but they have a particular interest in education in third-world countries, climate change, and the Jewish community. The family is on the lookout for new philanthropic opportunities.

BACKGROUND: Renato Negrin graduated from Swarthmore College in 1985. He worked for Salomon Brothers, and later, Paine Webber and Smith Barney. Negrin is currently a managing director and portfolio manager at Millennium Partners in New York City and has over 25 years of experience as a trader and portfolio manager in the global credit markets.


JEWISH CAUSES: Negrin and family support the Jewish community, including places like Birthright Israel Foundation, Park Avenue Synagogue, and Chabad.

HEALTH: Negrin has supported Milken Prostate Cancer Foundation and has been involved with Connecticut Sports Foundation Against Cancer and Memorial Sloan Kettering. It’s worth noting that Negrin once had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His wife Siu, formerly a computer consultant, is now an acupuncturist, driven by health issues in the family. This may translate into alternative health giving down the line, as well.

TBD: Negrin has also expressed interests in education in third-world countries, and in climate change.

LOOKING FORWARD: Renato and Siu’s philanthropy is just getting started, but the couple will likely start a formal family foundation soon. He’s also open to contact, with an accessible website and email address.


Negrin is open to ideas and solicitations directed to his email: