Robert Gillam

NET WORTH: $320 Million

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Founder, President & CEO of McKinley Capital Management

FUNDING AREAS: Education (Scholarships), Alaska Community

OVERVIEW: Robert Gillam has one clear regional focus: Supporting Alaska. His philanthropy primarily focuses on education; the Gillam Foundation runs a scholarship program that provides support to graduating Alaskan high school seniors. Since beginning the scholarship program, more than $1.5 million has been awarded to 200+ high school seniors.

BACKGROUND: The richest man in Alaska, Robert "Bob" Gillam received his B.S. in economics from Wharton in 1968, and his M.B.A. in finance from UCLA in 1969. In 1970, Gillam got his start at Foster and Marshall, where he was elected first vice president. In 1975, Gillam was appointed to the Alaska State Investment Advisory Committee by Alaska's governor. In 1982, he became a general partner of Boettcher and Company. Gillam currently serves as president and CEO of McKinley Capital Management, an Anchorage-headquartered investment firm he founded in 1990.


EDUCATION: Gillam's philanthropic focus is education in Alaska, where he lives and works. The Gillam Foundation runs a scholarship program that has given away dozens of college scholarships under $10,000 annually to graduating Alaska high school seniors. This program has given away more than $1.5 million since its inception. In 2010, for instance, $155,000 was awarded to 30 high school seniors in the state. Unfortunately, the current status of the scholarship program is unclear, and a 2013 990 indicated that the program was currently suspended. Gillam's other philanthropy in this area also involves Alaska. He's funded his alma mater UPenn to support Alaska native arts research studies. Gillam has also supported Education Matters, which was created to implement recommendations that came out of the 2011-2012 Education Summit. The summit aimed to raise the achievement bar so that Anchorage high school graduates are competitive.

ALASKA COMMUNITY: Gillam has supported Covenant House in Anchorage, which serves thousands of homeless, at-risk, and trafficked youth in Alaska. Gillam has also supported the mayor's economic summit in the past. 

LOOKING FORWARD: Again, Gillam's philanthropy almost exclusively focuses on Alaska, and as the richest person in the state, grantseekers in this region should keep him in mind.


The current Gillam Foundation website does not appear to be active, and in the past, provided more information for scholarship seekers. An address, however, with an email, is listed below

Gillam Foundation
3301 C Street, Suite 500
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


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