Sean Fieler

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: President of Equinox Partners

FUNDING AREAS: Reproductive Health, Education, Religion & Religious Liberty, Policy

OVERVIEW: Sean Fieler and his wife Ana move their philanthropy through the Chiaroscuro Foundation. The couple has interests in reproductive health, education, religion and religious liberty, policy, and more. Fieler chairs the American Principles Project and is a member of the board of Witherspoon Institute, the Manhattan Institute, and the Dominican Foundation, among others. Fieler also funds the Chiaroscuro Institute. 

BACKGROUND: Sean Fieler graduated from Williams College with a degree in political economy in 1995. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, he joined Equinox Partners. In 2001, he was named a managing member of Equinox Partners and Kuroto Fund. Fieler is currently president of Equinox Partners and lives with his family in Princeton, New Jersey.


REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: The Chiaroscuro Foundation's website states that the foundation aims to"defend those who lack the protection of the law and are unable to protect themselves. We offer the poor healthcare and educational opportunities that they need to thrive. We offer the saving grace of Jesus to all while defending everyone’s unalienable right to exercise the religion of their own choosing." One of the foundation's grantmaking areas is reproductive health and another is pro-life.  In 2014, the foundation gave a $1 million grant to FEMM or Fertility Education & Medical Management—an organization that teaches women to be aware of their hormonal cycles, knowledge that is essential for anyone who is against contraception, and who instead relies on the "rhythm method." Recent support has also gone to the National Abstinence Education Foundation and Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund. Susan B. Anthony List, by the way, is a "political action committee helping pro-life women gain election to Congress." Sums have also gone to Love & Fidelity Network which "builds the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity."

EDUCATION & POLICY: The foundation's website states that it "supports efforts to emphasize parents’ primary responsibility for their children’s education and minimize state interference." Fieler has long been opposed to the Common Core, which he sees as part of the nationalization of K–12 education. To fight it, he has mobilized the American Principles Project (APP), a think-tank and advocacy organization he chairs. Fieler has supported outfits such as School Choice Foundation, Foundation for Educational Choice, and Common Core Watch. Fieler also aims to advance his views through policy institutes, and he's backed plenty of them, including Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, an "independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic societies," the William F. Buckley-founded National Review Institute, and the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, among many others.

RELIGION & RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: Fieler is a devout Catholic, and the foundation has a specific funding area called "evangelization," and another called "religious liberty." In 2014, a $280,000 grant went to the Sophia Institute, a nonprofit "that nurtures the spiritual, moral, and cultural life of souls and spreads the Gospel of Christ in conformity with the authentic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church." Other support has gone to Catholic Voices, Dominican Foundation, Catholic University School of Business, Thomas Aquinas College, and more. In 2014, a $200,000 grant went to Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and a $128,000 grant went to Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, whose mission is to "defend religious freedom by providing protective legal services at the trial level to persons whose religious liberty and free-speech rights have been attacked."

OTHER: Between 2011 and 2014, African Mission Health Foundation has received over $1 million from the Chiaroscuro Foundation. African Mission Health Foundation describes itself as supporting the "effective efforts of faith-based health workers across Africa." Recent support has also gone to Blas F. Ople Policy Center & Training Institute, which handles "labor and migration concerns and develops programs to empower oversees Filipino workers (OFWs)" and their families.

LOOKING FORWARD: As you can see, Fieler is running a unique philanthropic operation and is clear about his convictions. It's unclear, however, how much Fieler is worth or whether he will step up his spending in future years. But expect him to continue to support his interest areas in the coming years.