Spencer B. Haber

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: H/2 Capital Partners

FUNDING AREAS: Animals & Environment

OVERVIEW: Spencer Haber founded the H/3 Foundation in 2014. The foundation provides financial and participatory support to animal welfare organizations around the world. The foundation is also interested in leveraging media to bring attention to these causes. 

BACKGROUND: Spencer B. Haber received a bachelor's and an MBA from Wharton. He was president of iStar Financial Inc. and went on to found H/2 Capital Partners, a multibillion-dollar alternative investment management business in real estate.


ANIMALS & ENVIRONMENT: Founded in 2014, the H/3 Foundation is “committed to identifying and combating the fundamental causes of animal suffering.” H/3 engages in the development and production of documentary film and other media concerning animal welfare and the environment. Haber served as an executive producer on Toucan Nation, a 2016 documentary film presented in association with Humane Society International and H/3 Foundation. Haber sits on the board of directors of Humane Society of the United States

H/3 also focuses on grant-making for “first responders and researchers, issues-based advocacy, and the development and sponsorship of educational programs and curricula for the ethical and humane treatment of animals.” Grantees include In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center, Friends of Felines, Maryland Animal Society, Sundance Institute, and New Rochelle Humane Society.

LOOKING FORWARD:  Haber’s animal advocacy through H/3 Foundation is just getting started; expect greater giving down the line.


The H/3 Foundation does not provide a clear avenue of contact, but below is an address:

H3 Foundation
680 Washington Blvd., 7th Fl.
Stamford, CT 06901