Stanley O'Neal

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Health

OVERVIEW: Stanley O'Neal conducts his philanthropy through the O'Neal Foundation, an under the radar vehicle that does not accept unsolicited proposals. Less than $500,000 has moved through the foundation annually of late, with a particular focus on education and other causes that have personal connections to the family. 

BACKGROUND: Born in 1951 in Alabama, E. Stanley O'Neal attended General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) and also holds an MBA from Harvard University. He worked at General Motors and in 1986 joined Merrill Lynch. O'Neal climbed the ladder at the firm, eventually being appointed CFO in the late 1990s, and a few years later, CEO and president. He is considered the first black American to run a major Wall Street firm. 


EDUCATION & YOUTH: O'Neal grew up in a working-class family that placed a high value on education. It is no surprise, then, that O'Neal's philanthropy involves support of educational institutions. Grantees have included his alma mater, Harvard, as well as Pace University (O'Neal's wife Nancy sits on the board), Bronx Preparatory Charter School, Cooke Center for Learning and Development, Teach for America, Prep for Prep, and Youth America Grand Prix, an annual student ballet competition. Some of these outfits have personal ties to the family.

ARTS & CULTURE: Grantees have included Studio Museum in Harlem, dance company Keigwin + Company, New York City Ballet, and Apollo Theater Foundation.

HEALTH: O'Neal via has foundation has supported outfits like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Bring Change 2 Mind, a nonprofit organization cofounded by Glenn Close, "dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy." It is worth noting that late midwestern businessman and inventor Charles F. Kettering ,who founded O'Neal's alma mater, also helped found Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

LOOKING FORWARD: O'Neal's philanthropy, via his foundation, has been modest of late and it is unclear how much money he has waiting in the wings. He left Merrill Lynch last decade and has kept a low profile. He is only in his 60s, though, so he still has more time for giving left. 


The O'Neal Foundation does not provide a clear avenue to get in touch but below is an address:

The O'Neal Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1560
Pennington, NJ 08534