Thomas Claugus and Beatriz Illescas

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Education, Health & Medical Research, Humanitarian Relief, Immigration

OVERVIEW: Tom Claugus and family conduct their philanthropy through the Foundation for a Better World, whose mission is to "address a range of social issues through charitable, educational, and research efforts." The foundation was established in 2013 and has an accessible website. 

BACKGROUND: Born in Ohio, Thomas Claugus graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Ohio State University in 1973 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1977. He worked for Rohm and Haas before founding GMT Capital in 1993


EDUCATION: The foundation supports education at all levels. Grantees include Growth Through Learning, which works in education and development in East Africa, KIPP Metro Atlanta, Barnesville Area Education Foundation (Claugus was born in Barnesville, Ohio), and COED, whose mission is to help Guatemalan schoolchildren break the cycle of poverty through education. Director and Foundation President  Beatriz Illescas was born in Guatemala and worked as consul general of Guatemala. 

HEALTH & MEDICAL RESEARCH: The foundation works "for more transparency and effectiveness" in healthcare and supports advanced technology research. Grantees include National MS Society, Barnesville Hospital, Children HealthCare of Atlanta, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and Ohio State University. Claugus' four brothers also attended Ohio State. 

HUMANITARIAN RELIEF & IMMIGRATION: The foundation is interested in the "formulation and implementation of appropriate immigration policies and humane treatment of immigrants worldwide." Foundation for a Better World's grantmaking has supported Bipartisan Policy Center, Heritage Foundation, FOTZC Focus on Tanzanian Communities, and Alterna, which works in social innovation and entrepreneurship in Central America.

LOOKING FORWARD:  The Foundation for a Better World's grantmaking is just getting started. Expect Claugus and family to continue backing their recent interest areas.