Robin Hood Foundation Steals From the Rich and Gives to the Poor Vets

In May of 2011, The Robin Hood Foundation announced a $13.1 million initiative focusing on impoverished veterans living in New York. Exactly one year later, the foundation hosted The Robin Hood Veterans Summit (RHVS) where it announced a plan to work jointly with Mayor Bloomberg's administration and the White House to advance the plan. It termed the project "Joining Forces." (See Robin Hood Foundation: Grants for New York City)

Earlier this month, the Robin Hood Foundation gave $130,000, matching a $100,000 allotment from the City Counsel's 2013 budget, to Helmets to Hardhats (HFH). Founded 2003, HFH has helped more than 1,000 veterans in the state of New York to find work and apprenticeships in construction.

New York City will open Workforce 1 Veterans Center this month with $600,000 worth of help from Robin Hood. The center itself will staff veterans exclusively, and provide workshops on job readiness and professional development for those returning from combat as well as their loved ones and spouses. The two main industries into which Workforce 1 will direct vets are healthcare and industrial transportation. The center will help veterans and their folks with housing placement as well.

Robin Hood is also investing in New York state universities with programs tailored for vets. The organization announced gifts to CUNY's Project for Return and Opportunity In Veterans Education (PROVE). The PROVE program provides vets with what they need to get enrolled in any of CUNY's higher education programs. Schools under the CUNY umbrella offer opportunities to transfer military credits.

The Robin Hood Foundation also partnered with Syracuse University on a project to create internet-accessible tools to help vets access information from "Guide to Leading Policies Practices & Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans & Military Families," published by the university's Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF). According to the IVMF says, this guide represents one of "most comprehensive efforts to date" aimed consolidating and itemizing the resources US have available to them.

The Veteran's Initiative met with a great deal of success and fanfare thus far and will probably continue to expand in the foreseeable future. The BVI Global Fund, the largest investment managed by Robin Hood Foundation founder Paul Tudor Jones II and one of its largest benefactors, provides the foundation with a strong financial back bone. Even as other, similar funds floundered a bit in the first half of 2012, BVI remained healthy.