Three Things to Know About James Dinan's Philanthropy

James Dinan's York Capital Management oversees about $27 billion in assets. Dinan founded the company back in 1991 with around $4 million raised from former colleagues. Dinan is worth $2.4 billion as of this writing, and he and his family live in New York.

Dinan founded the Dinan Family Foundation in 1997, which he runs with his wife, Elizabeth. Lately, the foundation has been running around $1 million in grantmaking annually. While the foundation doesn't have much of a web presence or a clear way to get in touch, Dinan is worth watching. He's only 56, and is still very much engaged in business. It's possible, though, that his philanthropy will deepen over time. Here's a few things to know about Dinan's philanthropy:

1. He Supports Education

Dinan attended Bancroft School in the Boston area, before going on to Wharton and Harvard. These schools have been supported, as has Elizabeth's alma mater, Smith College. In the 2014 fiscal year, a $25,000 grant went to Cornell, $10,000 to Harlem Village Academies, $25,000 to Prep for Prep, and $25,000 to Wharton Fund. Support has also gone to Breakthrough Collaborative, which puts "low-income middle school students on the path to college and inspires high school and college students to become educators." Dinan's background may play a role here: His parents reportedly spent most of their savings on education. Support has also gone to Juilliard School and the School of American Ballet.

2. Personal Forces Drive Dinan's Support of Athletics

In 2014, Dinan purchased a minority stake in the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. But sports-related money from the Dinan Family Foundation has gone toward two main causes — wrestling and horseback riding. In wrestling, outfits such as USA Wrestling and Hawkeye Wrestling Club in Iowa have been supported. The story here, at least in part, probably goes back to Dinan's kids. The couple's son, Zach, is an avid wrestler who is on the Harvard team. As for horseback riding, the couple's daughter, Katie, is a competitive rider. Recent funds have gone to the United States Equestrian Team, Washington International Horse Show, and others. 

3. The Couple Has Strongly Supported Arts and Culture

Dinan chairs the board of trustees of the Museum of the City of New York, and sits on the board of directors of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. In 2011, the Museum of the City of New York received a $1 million grant, which followed a gift last decade of at least $5 million that established the museum's James G. Dinan and Elizabeth R. Miller Gallery. Funds have also gone to International Center of Photography, Perez Art Museum Miami, and more.

Assorted sums have also gone to health outfits such as Dubin Breast Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Funds have also gone to general support of the New York City community. Another site of philanthropy is Nantucket, where the family has a home. A few environmental outfits have been supported, too.

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