Here's How Richard Ressler Gives Away His Money

We've written a bit about the philanthropy of Antony Ressler. The newly minted billionaire founder of Ares Management has focused on education, health, and the arts in his philanthropy. Well, Antony's brother, Richard Ressler, is also based in Los Angeles, and he and his wife Alison, a prominent attorney, also have been engaged in philanthropy.

The vehicle for their giving is the Ressler Family Foundation, which has given in the range of $2 to $4 million in recent years. Here's what you need to know about Richard Ressler and his wife Alison's philanthropy:

1. Supporting Their Alma Maters is Key

The couple's mutual alma maters have received the foundation's largest sums in recent years. Between 2009 and the present, Brown University has received at least $9 million from the Resslers. The Resslers also both attended Columbia Law School, and in 2013 $200,000 went to the school. It's worth noting that Alison has a trail of board memberships here as well. She serves on Brown University's board as treasurer, is a member of Columbia Law's Dean Council, and is also a trustee at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. Speaking of the private school, Harvard-Westlake received $175,000 in 2013. Apart from these schools, UCLA recently received more than $800,000.

Just like his brother, Ressler has also supported Homeboy Industries and Painted Turtle Camp, a camp for kids with serious medical conditions, which, by the way, Antony Ressler and his wife helped found. Ressler and Alison have also supported KIPP LA, and New Village Charter School.

2. The Couple Also Has An Interest in Health

The couple has recently supported Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Faster Cures, and the SLS Lupus Foundation. Most of this support has been modest though a large $250,000 gift went to Melanoma Research Alliance in 2010.

3. Assorted Sums Have Gone to Justice and Jewish Causes

Ressler and Alison both hold J.D.s and Alison is a prominent attorney and partner at Sullivan & Cromwell. The couple has supported the Public Counsel Law Center, and the Center for Wrongful Convictions. The Resslers have also supported Jewish organizations such as the Wilshire Blvd Temple, and sports outfits like New York Junior Tennis League.

The last organization is telling in that just like Antony Ressler, who recently bought the Atlanta Hawks, this Ressler brother also has a penchant for sports. In fact, both Resslers and their wives are minority owners of Milwaukee Brewers.

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