Here's How Billionaire Daniel Och Gives Away His Money

Daniel Och, founder of Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, and his wife Jane, set up a family foundation in 2008, which has given between $15 to $18 million annually over the last three tax years available. As well, in 2013, the foundation held more than $200 million in assets, a number which may well be higher now. With a $4 billion fortune, Och is definitely someone to watch. So far, Och's philanthropy has mainly revolved around board memberships, his alma maters, and supporting other outfits where the family has personal connections. Here's a look at what Och has been funding:

1. Och Supports His Alma Maters

Och's alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, has received around $3 million annually in the last three tax years we have available. Another big winner in this area is Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union, a grade school that Och attended, which recently changed its name to Golda Och Academy. The ties here are strong. Not only did Och attend this school; Och's parents were among the founding families of the school in the 1960s. Och gave Solomon Schechter $15 million in 2010 alone. Under its new name, Golda Och Academy received more than $3.5 million in 2013.

2. Och Has Been A Strong Bankroller of Jewish Causes

Apart from Golda Och, millions have also gone to outfits such as the UJA Federation of New York, and the Birthright Israel Foundation, where Och serves on the executive committee. Much of this work centers around New York City.

3. New York City Is A Big Winner

Och and Jane live and work in the New York City area. The couple's health philanthropy so far doesn't seem to single in on a particular cause, but New York Presbyterian Hospital is a big winner. Och has been a trustee at the hospital since 2005. Och also sits on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, with nearly $2 million going to the antipoverty outfit in 2013, and more than $2.5 million going to Robin Hood in 2012.

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