This Investor's Philanthropy Has an Education Focus

John G. Berylson is the founder of Chestnut Hill Ventures, a private investment firm. He's also chairman of Millwall F.C., a professional soccer team — football club, rather — in the United Kingdom. It's unclear how much Berylson is worth, but we do know that he and his wife Amy are involved in health and education philanthropy. They're trustees of the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation, which serves the Boston area. They also have a philanthropic vehicle of their own, the Amy Smith and John G. Berylson Foundation, which flies well under the radar, with a minimal web presence and no clear avenues for getting in touch.

Berylson supports his alma maters Brown University and Harvard University. Brown is home to the Berylson Family Fields, a sports complex. In the most recent tax records available, the Amy Smith and John G. Berylson Foundation gave grants of over $250,000 each to Harvard and Brown. In 2013, the couple gave Birmingham-Southern College $1 million. This gift is notable in that it's a departure from the couple's normal grantmaking region, the Northeast. As well, the couple has no formal ties to the school, but personal ones: Berylson is longtime friends with the former president of the school.

The couple through their foundation has also funded Williams College, the Park School, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Milton Academy, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The Berylsons have also supported BELL, which partners with schools and districts to expand learning time.

Apart from the couple's work through education, they've also supported health outfits such The Joey Fund, which works in partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Newton-Wellseley Hospital, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

In a recent tax year, the foundation did around $913,000 in grantmaking. The couple's philanthropy has been modest so far, but perhaps larger sums will move through the foundation down the line.

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