This Ford Is Into Historic Preservation and the Environment

The Ford Family Foundation held some $17 million in assets and gave away around $1 million in a recent fiscal year. No, we're not talking about the Ford Foundation here, but about the charitable vehicle of former Goldman Sachs partner Henry B. Ford and his family. For a while now, Iwe've been digging into the philanthropy of many of Goldman Sachs most high-ranking executives, many of whom owned a stake in the firm before its 1999 IPO. Ford himself owned a 0.725 percent stake in the company, a larger portion than some of the other men and women of Goldman we've profiled so far. According to The New York Times, that stake was worth around $123 million.

It's unclear how much Ford is worth now but since retiring from Goldman, he's also been involved with his son David Ford Jr.'s Gatemore Capital Management, as well as established Princess Pictures, through which he and his wife, Pamela, produce films. Ford is currently President of DBF Associates as well.

Outside of business, of course, there's also the Ford Family Foundation, which flies well under the radar and provides no clear guidelines for getting in touch. Still, the Ford family's philanthropy involves several different interest areas, including historic preservation and the environment.

Ford chairs the board of the National Audubon Society, which the family has steadily supported through their foundation. In the most recent fiscal year available, the Fords gave some $170,000 to a combination of Audubon's national outfit, and its Connecticut outfit. The Ford family has also bankrolled outfits such as Aquidneck Land Trust in Rhode Island, Newport Tree Society, Norman Bird Sanctuary in Rhode Island, and the Horticultural Society of New York.

Ford's historic preservation work, meanwhile, has centered around the Northeast and Virginia. Last decade,  Ford purchased a Gilded Age mansion called Miramar in Newport, Rhode Island for $17.2 million and restored the 30,000-square-foot home. More recently, a local Virgina outlet reported that Ford purchased the historic North Wales estate west of Warrenton, Virginia for $21 million. Ford is quoted as saying that he and his wife's ancestors were early Virginia settlers.

Apart from this work, the Ford family has recently bankrolled through their foundation outfits such as Preservation Society of Newport County, French Heritage Society, Fordsville Historical Society, and World Monument Fund. Ford sits on the boards of many of these outfits as well.

Outside of these two interest areas, the Ford family's philanthropy has also included support of the arts, education, and interestingly enough, squash and tennis outfits. The story behind that last interest area involves David Ford Jr., who developed a passion for squash while at The Haverford School. Speaking of the family's children, they will have to be watched carefully in the Fords' next generation of philanthropy. For a complete rundown of what this family has funded recently click the link below to read our profile.

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