A Mix Of Causes: A Quick Look at Barry Volpert's Philanthropy

Barry Volpert co-founded Crestview Partners, a "value-oriented private equity firm" in 2004. A Goldman Sachs veteran, Volpert retired as partner of the firm in 2003. It's unclear how much Volpert is currently worth, but he and his wife, Teri, established a charitable vehicle in the 1990s called the Barry and Teri Volpert Foundation, through which they move their charitable contributions. The vehicle's assets and giving aren't overwhelming (the outfit gave away around $710,000 in a recent fiscal year), but this is a funder that gives to a range of outfits.

Volpert himself is armed with a degree from Amherst, as well as a J.D. and MBA from Harvard. Volpert, in fact was an editor of the Law Review and after graduating from Amherst, was a Luce Scholar in Singapore. Teri, meanwhile, has degrees from Tufts and Columbia Business School. This well-educated couple has recently funded Amherst, Tufts, where past philanthropy created the Teri Volpert Endowed Scholarship Fund, Riverdale Country School, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, among others. It appears that personal ties motivate much of this philanthropy. Not only did Volpert graduate from Amherst but so did his father and other family members. The couple created The Volpert Professorship at the liberal arts school in 2000.

The Volperts have bankrolled a variety of youth outfits of late, including sports outfits like Manhattan Youth Athletics, and Gotham Basketball Association. The couple has also steadily supported the Sylvia Center, whose goal is to "inspire young people and their families to establish independent healthy eating habits." They've funded as well Shane's Inspiration, which creates "social inclusion for children with disabilities through the vehicle of inclusive playgrounds and programs."

The couple also earmarks funds for arts and culture. Teri is contemporary art collector and sits on the board of the Jewish Museum. Interestingly enough though, the couple's arts philanthropy through their Volpert Foundation has been modest of late.

I should also mention the couple's health grantmaking, which includes support of outfits such as Mount Sinai Medical Center (which received more than $100,000 in the a recent year), Montefiore Medical Center, JDRF International, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and The Dysautonomia Foundation, which funds research on Familial Dysautonomia (FD), a rare genetic neurological disorder. It's worth noting that Volpert was mentored by the late Richard Rainwater, who suffered from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a rare degenerative disease. This is a particular area to keep an eye on, given the personal elements involved.

For a fuller look at what the Volperts have been funding lately, see our guide below.

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