Coke Replenishes the RAIN Initiative in a Big Way

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) launched the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) in 2009 with the goal of providing clean water access to over 2 million people in Africa by 2015. The Coca-Cola Company committed an initial $30 million to TCCAF to help RAIN get off the ground providing clean water access and to improve WASH access for school children, empower women through clean water access, and put 2 billion liters of water each year back into African communities.

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RAIN is on track to reach its goal of providing clean water access to 2 million people by the end of this year, according to the foundation, but Coke has decided there’s no reason to stop there, pounring another $35 million into the initiative.

With Coke’s new give comes new goals:

  • Providing clean water access to 4 million more people
  • Putting 18.5 billion liters of water back in to nature and African communities
  • Economically empowering up to 250,000 women and young people
  • Promoting WASH programs in thousands of communities, schools, and health centers across Africa

The expanded RAIN initiative will also bring watershed protection into the mix and fund a few region specific programs with partner organizations.

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) will receive RAIN funding to support its work in Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique, to improve clean water access and decrease the number of hygiene related deaths in certain cities. This project is expected to benefit around 2 million people.

TCCAF, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID, and WSUP are joining forces to provide sustainable water access in Lusaka, Zambia. With TCCAF funding, USAID and WSUP will launch a community water kiosk and distribution program and provide sanitation facilities and hygiene education programs in schools located in Lusaka. The Millennium Challenge Corporation will focus its efforts on water, sanitation, and drainage issues in the city. These combined efforts are expected to affect more than 1.2 million people.

Finally, in Rwanda, TCCAF is partnering with Global Grassroots to empower women-led water enterprises. This project is expected to benefit 30,000 people.

The Coca-Cola Company has had a presence in Africa for nearly 100 years, but TCCAF has only been around since 2001. Originally established in response to the HIV pandemic, TCCAFs work has grown significantly since those early years to include health, education, youth development, entrepreneurship, humanitarian aid, and WASH efforts. Coke’s philanthropic footprint goes far beyond its now $65 million investment in TCCAFs RAIN program.

Last year, Coke announced a $5 billion investment in Africa for a huge number of causes including women’s economic empowerment, sustainability initiatives, safe water access, and job creation. The latest $35 million give to RAIN pushes Cokes investments in Africa to over $17 billion between 2010 and 2020.

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