Edison International Flips the Switch for Work Opportunities

Edison International’s Community Giving Program exists “to make a difference.” Its support of workforce development—particularly for veterans—is part of this difference-making.

But in order for Edison International to light upon your program, you must be based in either Southern or Central California. Its giving program covers 15 counties total, in a drop down list you can peruse through the program's Pre-Qualify portal.

Edison International's support of workforce development flows through its Civic Engagement focus area, an area of giving also committed to mentorship, leadership development, and access to technology. In 2014, the whole Civic Engagement giving arena received over $5 million, nearly 25% of Edison International's total giving that year.

Edison International's support of workforce development is primarily focused on veterans, but is also committed to underserved populations, which it defines as including women, people with low incomes, “diverse ethnic groups,” people with special needs, and LGBT populations.

One recent workforce development grantee, in an example of granting synergy, is the Conservation Lands Foundation. They were granted funds to repair of mountain trails near Palm Desert, CA using a workforce made up of veterans trained for the job.

Edison International also recently gave a grant to Verbum Dei High School in the Watts community of Los Angeles for its Corporate Work Study Program.

Payouts from Edison International primarily come in the form of $5,000 grants to nonprofit, community-based organizations. The $5,000 grants are an open, online process, with two deadlines each calendar year. However, Edison International does state: “organizations that have demonstrated success in making a difference in our priority areas may be invited to apply for larger grants.” Creating a connection through their $5,000 community grants is a viable and accessible way to start.


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