Wallace Global Fund: Grants For Global Security and Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Wallace Fund awards grants to likeminded groups concerned with key trends that threaten global security, such as the rise of corporatocracy, ecological collapse, women’s rights, government oppression, and the imbalance of power between government organizations and NGOs.

IP TAKE: Wallace is an approachable funder that looks for groups with the potential to affect transformative and catalytic change. Wallace gives project-specific and general operating support grants.

PROFILE: The Wallace Global Fund was established in 1996 when the Wallace Genetic Foundation splintered into three, separate foundations. Founded by progressive politician and businessman Henry A. Wallace, the foundation remains loyal to his commitment “to using the power and prestige of the United States to help the peoples of the world, not their exploiters and rulers.”  

The foundation’s grantmaking strategies are shaped by key trends that threaten global security including the rise of corporatocracy, ecological collapse, women's rights, governmental oppression, and the imbalance of power between government organizations and NGOs. Within each of the fund’s key, strategic trends, the fund prioritizes several crosscutting themes in its grantmaking. 

In the global security sector, grantseekers may want to investigate these crosscutting themes:

Challenge Corporate Power: Three priorities in this area include empowering people to demand equitable and sustainable business practices, efforts to change the current corporate dominance of democracy, and advocating for increased corporate accountability and transparency.

Defend and Renew Democracy: Top concerns here are stemming the tide of corporate spending in politics, expanding voting rights, and advocating for democracy.

Advancing Women’s Human Rights and Empowerment: The fund names defending global reproductive health rights, ending female genital mutilation/cutting, and promoting a deeper understanding of rights issues that affect women in the global economy.

The vast majority of Wallace Global Fund’s security-related grants fall into the $25,000 to $100,000 range. Wallace is a pretty equal-opportunity funder when it comes to awarding grants to organizations both large and small. Not to mention, it makes several grants per year.

The Wallace Global Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals, but it does invite prospective grantees to submit a short letter of inquiry via its online application system.