George and Amanda Hanley Foundation: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: The Hanley Foundation prioritizes sustainability and clean energy projects concentrated in the Midwest, particularly when it comes to schools.

IP TAKE: This foundation does not accept unsolicited applications, but encourages contact.

PROFILE: Founded in 1997, the George and Amanda Hanley Foundation is based in Chicago. It believes in "contributing to a better, more sustainable world." George Hanley founded three trading companies over 30 years — Blink Trading, Infinium Capital Management, and the Hanley Group — all of which sold. George lives in Winnetka, just outside of Chicago, with his wife Amanda Hanley, an avid environmentalist. Amanda is also involved in environmental groups in the Chicago area, as co-chair of the NRDC’s Midwest Council and member of its Global Leadership Council, co-founder of North Shore Green Women, among other positions. The foundation invests in education, the environment, and social empowerment

The foundation conducts climate change grantmaking through its environment program. As Amanda Hanley told us via email, “Increasingly, our giving is directed to projects that weave together all three of our focus areas: environment, education and empowerment (social and/or economic). We are looking to foster opportunity through sustainability.” The program seeks to "[accelerate] the clean energy transition and sustainable food systems through a mix of local, national and global efforts." The foundation further supports work that centers on "environmental advocacy/policy/litigation, clean energy, urban agriculture, faith-based and healthcare initiatives, front-line community environmental justice, corporate accountability, responsible investing, and democracy protection."

Grants range widely from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Past grantees include the Acumen Fund, which works in part to establish clean energy in developing countries. It has also supported George’s alma mater, the University of Dayton, the NRDC, the Sierra Club, and the Chicago Clean Energy Coalition for Puerto Rico Solar Disaster Relief/LuminAID, among many others. Grantseekers can explore its grantee list for a deeper look at past grantmaking.

While the Hanley Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, it can contacted. The couple is also quite active in the Chicago area, and you can keep up with Amanda Hanley at her blog


  • George Hanley, CoFounder, President and Treasurer

  • Amanda Hanley, CoFounder, Vice President and Secretary

  • Beth Hanley, Director

  • Kevin Rutter, Director