Wyncote Foundation: Grants for Journalism

OVERVIEW: This funder supports journalism and public media organizations around the country. Systemic initiatives that link journalistic resources see Wyncote’s support most often.

FUNDING AREAS: Journalism that furthers creative and cultural expression, stimulates civic engagement, and promotes democracy

IP TAKE: Here’s a great opportunity for journalism nonprofits and also for-profit enterprises that put the public interest first. Just make sure to highlight trends and interconnections in the journalism sector.

PROFILE: The Wyncote Foundation was established in 2009 with funds from the Otto and Phoebe Haas Charitable Trusts, at the direction of John C. Haas. Based in Philadelphia, this funder has a public media and journalism program that extends well beyond the Philadelphia region.

This funder supports public media that furthers creative and cultural expression and stimulates civic engagement. It also supports journalism groups that provide essential information to further democracy. Beyond the Philadelphia region, Wyncote focuses on systemic initiatives that link journalistic resources regionally and nationally. They also support research, analysis, and the exchange of ideas within the field, as well as best practices to assist practitioners and funders to further their work.

In a recent year, the foundation committed 13 percent of its overall grantmaking to public media and journalism—or about $5.4 million. A list of recent journalism and public media grants can be viewed here. Many recent grants have been between $10,000 and $200,000.

Most Wyncote journalism grants go towards nonprofit organizations, however, it also supports for-profit entities. This is something quite unique the world of journalism grantmaking. Wyncote’s website shares, “We don’t see 'media in the public interest' as exclusive to the nonprofit sector.” Wyncote is a funder that funds journalism projects alone and also collaborates with under funders on occasion. Examples of compelling content, accountability journalism, system evolution and growth, and forums and research can all be found on the funder’s website.

A journalism grantseeker’s best point of contact is Feather Houstoun, the off-site senior advisor for public media and journalism. General questions can be directed to info@wyncotefoundation.org or by phone at 215-557-9577. To learn more about Wyncote’s approach check out Like, Link, Share, a Wyncote-commissioned publication about how cultural institutions can embrace digital technology.


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