UPS Foundation: Grants for Environmental Conservation

OVERVIEW: The shipping giant’s philanthropic arm currently features four main programs, including the environment. Its conservation grantmaking appears to prioritize reforestation and conservation, carbon reduction efforts, and environmental research and education, with an emphasis on its tree-planting initiative.

IP TAKE: Those fortunate enough to get UPS funding gain access to a plethora of resources through which to enact positive change in disaster zones and conservation areas. 

PROFILE: The UPS Foundation offers comprehensive funding for disaster relief and the environment. UPS ultimately aims to "make the world a safer place by using our company's logistics expertise and training to teach safety practices in the local and global communities we serve." The foundation supports these efforts by "creating and funding programs focused on road safety and humanitarian relief and resilience." Its grantmaking priorities include the environment, community safety, volunteerism, and diversity and inclusion.

While UPS largely dedicates itself to disaster relief, it also supports conservation work through its Environmental Sustainability program. Little is known about the program except that the foundation emphasizes "supporting energy conservation and reforestation." While this work can include climate change mitigation, it prioritizes efforts to rebuild the environment by planting more trees. 

The Global Forestry Initiative started in 2011 and seeks to reduce carbon by preserving the world’s forests and reforestation. One such ongoing grantee is the World Wildlife Fund, which has received funding for tropical rainforest reforestation in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Grant awards often include large-scale grants with continued support for established organizations. As a result, awards are given on a competitive basis. Past grantees include The Nature Conservancy and World Resources Institute. 

Grants are awarded on an invitation-only basis. Interested grantseekers may email the UPS Foundation at and find local offices at


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