MacArthur Foundation: Grants for Film

OVERVIEW: The MacArthur Foundation's grant making in film seeks to provide the public with "high-quality, professionally-produced documentary films, deep and analytical journalism, and well-produced news and public affairs programming." At present all of its support for filmmaking is offered through partner organizations.

IP TAKE: MacArthur no longer directly supports filmmaking. Instead, it operates through partner organizations like the Sundance Institute and the Tribeca Film Institute. Individual filmmakers will want to turn to these organizations, though large nonprofits focused on film or new media might still be able to take advantage of MacArthur's largesse.

PROFILE: The MacArthur Foundation has been a long-time supporter of documentary filmmaking through its Media program grantmaking. It now only supports filmmaking through its partner organizations, some of which, including the Sundance Institute and the Tribeca Film Institute, directly fund and support individuals. Large, established nonprofits (PBS for example) involved in the production, support, or distribution of documentary filmmaking may still be able to get funding from MacArthur, though there does not appear to be any formal process for doing so.


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