O’Donnell Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: Based in Dallas, Texas, the O’Donnell Foundation does not articulate its initiatives for education funding. It has made large donations to higher education and funded many Texas-based K-12 initiatives.

IP TAKE: With its low media presence, little is known about the O'Donnell Foundation’s funding initiatives. The foundation has made large donations to higher education, supported advanced placement incentive programs and other K-12 programs that support STEM learning and underserved students.

PROFILE: The Dallas, Texas-based O’Donnell Foundation was founded in 1957 by securities investor Peter O’Donnell, Jr. and his wife, Edith. According to a 2013 article in the Dallas News, the foundation aims to “strengthen the nation’s education system at every level.” The foundation often donates large amounts to universities and nonprofits anonymously. It does not maintain a website or a significant media presence, and it does not articulate its funding initiatives.   

In the area of K-12 education, the O’Donnell Foundation supports the National Math and Science Initiative, an organization that aims to improve the quality of STEM education and increase college preparedness nationwide. The O’Donnell Foundation also runs the Texas-based Advanced Placement Arts Incentive Program and partners with other charitable foundations in supporting Texas’s Advanced Placement Incentive Program for students taking advanced placement courses in other subject areas. Concerning the lower grades, the foundation has supported Big Thought, an organization that seeks to close the “opportunity gap” by engaging underserved students more deeply in their learning through arts and imagination.

The O’Donnell Foundation does not accept proposals. Inquiries may be made via mail.


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The O’Donnell Foundation

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