Thomas Scattergood Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: The Thomas Scattergood Foundation awards grants to groups that advocate for local and systematic change in behavioral healthcare delivery. The foundation also funds grants to groups fighting the stigma of mental illness, building workforce capacity in the behavioral health field, and fighting to include mental health as a larger part of integrated healthcare.

IP TAKE: Scattergood’s mental health grantmaking seeks to encourage public dialogue about mental and behavioral healthcare. Small groups should approach this funder, as it supports organizations that advocate for improved mental healthcare at both the local and national levels.

PROFILE: Thomas Scattergood was a 19th century Quaker minister in Philadelphia who suffered from depression in a period when the mentally ill were seen as damaged or "spiritually damned." The Thomas Scattergood Foundation seeks “opportunities for productive dialogue and learning within the behavioral health field” and to activate “leadership and collaborative endeavors by awarding targeted grants to address important behavioral health needs in innovative ways.” Scattergood prioritizes grantmaking in Philadelphia, but does not specifically restrict its support to the city or the state of Pennsylvania.

The Scattergood Foundation’s grants seek to create change in behavioral healthcare delivery at both the grassroots and systematic levels. The foundation supports projects and programs that combat the stigma of mental illness, promote knowledge and understanding, advocate for the integration of mental healthcare services into larger healthcare systems, improve health outcomes of both physical and behavioral health, and build workforce capacity in the behavioral health field.  

Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000. To learn more about the kinds of organizations receiving Scattergood support, explore its Grants Database.

The Thomas Scattergood Foundation accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry throughout the year via its online application system. Applications are reviewed by the Board, which then decides which organizations to invite back to submit a full proposal.


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