Lyda Hill Foundation: Grants for Science Research

OVERVIEW: The Lyda Hill Foundation takes a broad approach in science research, investing in projects that have the potential to drive significant advancement.

IP TAKE: Hill’s grants are large in size but few in number. As such, it tends to back larger scientific and medical research organizations.

PROFILE: The Lyda Hill Foundation was created by Lyda Hill, the granddaughter of oil magnate L.H. Hunt and the founder and chairman of the private investment firm LH Holdings, Inc. The foundation seeks to invest “in organizations that make game-changing advances in nature and science, empower nonprofit organizations, and support important advances in our local communities.” The foundation’s science funding supports four main areas of grantmaking: research, education, direct services, and systemic change.

Hill's research grants go to innovative projects with the potential to advance scientific discovery. While Hill funds organizations located all over the United States, it prioritizes the states of Texas and Colorado in its giving.

The foundation does not award a large number of grants each year, but they are often substantial. It’s not unusual for awards to average in the high six- and seven-figures. Science research grant topics are fairly broad: awards have supported research in antibiotic resistance, genetic mutations, and cancers.

Past grantees in science funding include the MD Anderson Moon Shots Program and UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Genetic Mutations Database Project. Visit its Program Highlights in Science page for a more complete list.

The foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.