Gia Hamilton, Joan Mitchell Foundation

TITLE: Joan Mitchell Center Director

FUNDING AREAS: Visual artist support and development, visual artist residencies

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PROFILE: Gia Hamilton is director of the Joan Mitchell Center for the Joan Mitchell Foundation, an artist residency center in New Orleans that supports local, national, and international contemporary visual artists. Her LinkedIn bio for Gris Gris Lab, for which she is a Senior Consultant, states:

Hamilton, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the founding director of Gris Gris Lab, Inc. She is an applied anthropologist and consultant with proficiency in Organizational Design, Professional Development Training, Community Engagement, Executive Coaching and Staff Management. It is her commitment to anthropological study that enhances her work and truly distinguishes Gris Gris Lab’s consulting as particularly thorough and uniquely connected to the culture at large, whether it be work with a small team, a company, direct neighbors, city-wide communities, or on a global scale.

Hamilton has her bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from New York University and her masters in applied anthropology from CUNY, she is also a certified Life Coach by the Ekaya Institute in California and has been a member of both the American Anthropology Association and Independent Curators International. She has worked as an organizational design consultant and freelance life coach for the past 12 years. Hamilton currently writes for the Huffington Post as part of the American Anthropological Association’s article series.