Keller Family Foundation Grants

OVERVIEW: This private family funder supports nonprofits in the Greater New Orleans region, in the areas of education, youth development, human services and public affairs.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, youth development, human services, and public affairs

IP TAKE: The largest KFF grants have been going towards local education and youth development efforts, so craft your proposal around those issues for the best reponse.

PROFILE: The Keller Family Foundation is a private foundation based in New Orleans, Louisiana, that awards grants in the Greater New Orleans area. This foundation was originally established as the Lincoln Foundation in 1949 by Charles Keller, Jr. and Rosa Freeman Keller. They set up the foundation with 10 shares of Coca-Cola Company stock and made contributions to it throughout their life. As local civic activists, they were passionate about securing affordable housing for the African American community and integrating public facilities like libraries and swimming pools.

Priority areas of funding are education, youth development, human services and public affairs. And regardless of the field of interest, funding almost always stays in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding communities.

The foundation does not have a formal mission statement, but rather relies upon the judgment of the trustees to determine the most critical needs of the region. Second and third generations of the Kellers serve on the foundation board of trustees today.

This funder has a semi-annual awards cycle and considers grant proposals at semi-annual meetings in April and November. Deadlines for consideration at these two meetings are February 15 and September 15. Keep in mind that this funder does not support scholarships, religious purposes or fundraising events.

You can view a list of past grants on the foundation’s grants list. Most recent grants have been between $250 and $50,000. In a recent year, the foundation awarded 61 grants totaling $722,765. A majority of the grants in recent cycles have been going to education and youth development causes. Yet unsolicited proposals in a variety of education, civic affairs, and social services fields are welcome from eligible nonprofits in the New Orleans area.

The application process is all online, but check the Grant Proposal Guidelines and Checklist document before starting to write your proposal. Like a few other private family foundations in New Orleans, KFF’s operations are managed Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC and Toni Myers is the foundation administrator. General questions can be directed to Ms. Myers at (504) 207-8541 or via email at


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