David Weekley Family Foundation: Texas Grants

OVERVIEW: Though the David Weekley Family Foundation has expanded to include interests across the nation and even internationally, Weekley's first focus was his native Texas, and good deal of money still goes to Texas outfits.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, Churches, Human Services, Global Development

IP TAKE: David Weekley gives half of his annual earnings to charity. Texas is the foundation's focus, though it has increasingly taken on projects in other states and even internationally. The foundation has no website or guidelines for getting in touch.

PROFILE: In 1976, at just 23 years of age, David Weekley started his own home building company. Now nearly 40 years later, David Weekley Homes has sold more than 70,000 homes and expanded to 18 cities across the nation. Weekley earned degrees in Economics and Geology from San Antonio’s Trinity University. He, his wife Bonnie, and family move their philanthropic contributions through the David Weekley Family Foundation.

Weekley dedicates 50 percent of his income to philanthropy and has embraced the giving while living model. Weekley is the former chairman and current executive committee member of the Sam Houston Area Council of Boy Scouts, a former vestryman at Palmer Memorial Church, and a former chairman of the Greater Houston Community Foundation, among others. 

When the Weekleys established the foundation in 1990, Weekley's initial priority was helping his local community: "When you start working in your own community, there are a lot of positives. You’ve already got relationships... I myself focused on those kinds of things in the first 10 years of my giving." More recently, the foundation is involved in microfinance and micro-clinic efforts in Africa, as well as other global development projects. It also makes grants in other states.

Still, recent grantmaking has involved Texas. One priority is supporting churches and Christian organizations. In a recent year, upward of $2 million went toward these efforts. Apartment Life in Euless, Texas, recently received $250,000. Apartment Life partners with local churches and other faith-based organizations toward community-building efforts. Recent money has also gone to Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Institute for Spirituality and Health, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church ($310,000), and Carolina Creek Christian Camp ($400,000).

Another interest of the foundation is education. In higher education, College of Biblical Studies-Houston received nearly $600,000 in a past year, with more modest sums going to Baylor College of Medicine and University of Houston. Houston Christian High School, and Yellowstone Academy have received support. Weekley is a trustee emeritus at the Kinkaid School, which in a past year, received upward of $6 million alone.

The David Weekley Family Foundation is also deep into human services work. The foundation has given millions to Homebuilding Industry Foundation, as well as to the Houston Food Bank, and the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Past money has gone to United Way of Greater Houston, Ronald McDonald House of Houston, and LifeHouse of Houston. Weekley has also given millions to Boy Scouts of America.


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