Where Grants From the New York Women's Foundation Have Been Going Lately

We recently covered a 16-funder collaboration called the NYC Fund for Girls and Young Women of Color that gave $2.1 million to 28 nonprofits in New York City. There are some powerful names on this collaborator list, and the effort is housed at the New York Women’s Foundation, which co-founded the collaboration with the NoVo Foundation. 

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Meanwhile, of course, the New York Women’s Foundation engages in its own grantmaking. And even if you're not based in New York or thinking about support from this foundation, it's worth keeping an eye on where this funder's money is going given its prominent place in the larger women's funding world. 

The foundation recently announced about $1,605,000 in new grants being awarded to 25 organizations in New York City. The nonprofits it supports are working to promote economic security and justice for local women and families. (Dig in here to learn more about its specific program areas.)

If you take a close look at where grants from the New York Women's Foundation are going, you'll see that this is a funder ready to engage both issues and strategies that larger, more mainstream foundations might steer clear of. It often supports smaller grassroots organizing groups in communities of color, with a belief in really listening to and empowering people who live in these communities. It's also engaged in problems like sex trafficking and the challenges facing transgender youth. A few examples of grants from this latest round:

  • Day One New York: Anti Domestic Sex Trafficking Program, $60,000
  • Center for Anti-Violence Education: Community Alliance Against Violence & Pride Protectors, $60,000
  • The Door: A Center of Alternatives Runaway and Homeless Youth Program, $60,000
  • National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health: New York Latina Advocacy Network (NY LAN), $60,000
  • Minkwon Center for Community Action: Advocacy and Organizing, $60,000
  • VOCAL-NY (Voices of Community Activists and Leaders): Civil Rights and Housing Organizing, $60,000
  • Covenant House New York: Covenant House Anti-Human Trafficking, $60,000

Interestingly, this women's foundation is also interested in influencing men. It awarded a $100,000 grant to A Call to Men for its New York program to educate men about healthy and respectful manhood. This was actually the largest grant awarded by the foundation in it's most recent giving cycle. Other grants fell between $30,000 and $80,000 each. 

Last year, the New York Women’s Foundation gave out over $8.11 million in grants, and just $2.1 million of that was part of the funder collaboration we discussed earlier. Other grants totaling $250,000 went towards capacity building and technical assistance, for example, which has been another emerging priority among funders of all shapes and sizes.

Since 1987, this foundation has awarded over $58 million to over 350 organizations that serve women and families in New York City. Both general operating and program-specific support are regularly provided to groups with operating budgets $2 million and less. Learn more about how to apply in the next grant cycle here.