A Wyoming Finance Couple Supports Arts and Culture

Cornell and University of Chicago graduate Don Opatrny was a pre-1999 IPO Goldman partner who netted millions when the investment banking firm went public. Like a number of other big Goldman Sachs winners we’ve profiled, Opatrny and his wife Judy have long engaged in philanthropy. In 1990, they established the Opatrny Family Foundation, through which they move their charitable contributions.

These days, the couple lives in Wyoming, where they're active in civic and charitable life. And the Opatrnys are yet another Wall Street couple with a penchant for the arts. The couple collects contemporary art and Czech and European Avant-Garde photography.

Some of this work has taken place at Opatrny’s undergraduate alma mater, Cornell University. Donald and Judy have supported Cornell’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and its Donald and Judith Opatrny Gallery. The couple also supports the arts out west.

Opatrny chairs the board of directors of the Center for the Arts in Wyoming, which describes itself as “a hub for the artistic, cultural and creative activity in Jackson Hole.” It’s also worth noting that Judy has a career as a law librarian.

Via the Opatrny Family Foundation, the couple has supported the Center for the Arts, as well as places like Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir, Community Center for the Arts, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Teton County Library Foundation, and Nantucket Atheneum, another library.

The couple also supports other schools and select environmental organizations. For a complete overview of this couple’s work, read our Wall Street Profile linked below.

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