New Name, Big Expansion: The Texas Women’s Foundation Takes Flight

Anil Anilah/shutterstock

Anil Anilah/shutterstock

When the topic of women’s philanthropy comes up, we often think of big East Coast cities like New York and Philadelphia. But as we’ve mentioned before, women’s giving in the Southwest has been on the rise and setting record commitments.

One funder we’ve been following for a while now is the Dallas Women’s Foundation, which has been on the local giving scene since 1985, and is considered a pioneer in women’s philanthropy. It gave a record-setting $4.5 million last year and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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In fact, the Dallas Women’s Foundation is expanding in a new and exciting way—beyond the confines of the city and out into the rest of the state, where it can apply its lessons and expertise to other fortunate communities. At a luncheon last month that raised $1.5 million, the women’s foundation announced the completion of a $50 million fundraising campaign, and also its new name. From this point forward, the Dallas Women’s Foundation will be known as the Texas Women’s Foundation (TWF) to mark its broadened scope and further solidify its position as one of the nation’s most powerful women’s foundations.

Under its new identity, TWF will focus on much of what it did as the Dallas Women’s Foundation—namely, economic security and leadership opportunities for women and girls. TWF is interested in supporting women and girls during all stages of their lives, from the earliest classroom experiences to careers and leadership roles throughout the state and beyond.

Roslyn Dawson Thompson, president and CEO of TWF said:

This matters to every Texan—women and men alike—because our economy and our futures are stronger when Texas women, girls and families thrive, and when our leadership fully reflects our population. We are focused on driving productive, nonpolitical and affirming change—advancing opportunities for Texas women and girls to prosper for the benefit of all.

Looking beyond the Dallas metropolitan area, TWF will be raising money for statewide grantmaking, advocacy and research. Texas is awash in wealth as never before, especially in the Houston area, and in an era when women everywhere are stepping up their giving—both through tapping their own assets and by taking a leadership role within family philanthropy. Of course, this is a moment of keen interest among many donors in supporting gender equity work, an area that was attracting more philanthropic attention even before the #MeToo movement. TFW is likely to do quite well with its new and expanded mandate.

At this time, the foundation is asking for donor contributions and hosting quarterly breakfast club events to connect with philanthropic communities beyond its home region. The funder has not yet released details about its next round of grantmaking, including any new guidelines, eligibility criteria, or deadlines. Tune in to the group’s news section to learn about new developments and future opportunities for nonprofits throughout the state of Texas.