A Few Things to Know About the Warren and Elaine Breslow Family Foundation

The skirball cultural center is among the institutions that have received breslow support. photo:  Tracie Hall /flickr,  creative commons .

The skirball cultural center is among the institutions that have received breslow support. photo: Tracie Hall/flickr, creative commons.

For decades, Warren Breslow helped build a prominent real estate company in Southern California. Although he’s now retired, his Golfrich & Kest Industries owns and manages approximately 15,000 apartment units, plus multiple assisted living facilities, marinas, and retail and industrial spaces.

Breslow is also an active philanthropist through the Warren and Elaine Breslow Family Foundation, which he established with his late wife in 2001.

The Addiction Connection

Elaine was a civic leader and deeply involved with Beit T'Shuvah, an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. Meanwhile the Elaine Breslow Institute educates Jewish religious educators and medical professionals about addiction recovery and prevention. Elaine had a personal connection to addiction and publicly shared that she was the mother of an addict in the 1990s. This personal connection is still very important to the family foundation’s giving, even now after Elaine’s death. Warren Breslow currently serves as the interim executive director of Beit T'Shuvah.

Other Grantmaking Interests

Aside from addiction, Warren Breslow supports other charitable causes through the Breslow Family Foundation. Jewish causes are very important to this funder, with other recent grants going to the Los Angeles Jewish Home, Hershel Day School, Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Warren Breslow actively supports the Skirball Cultural Center, the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum, and the Jewish Home for the Aging, too.

Meanwhile, Breslow has supported arts organizations locally, including the LA Opera and LACMA, as well as education organizations that include Baruch College and the Otis College of Arts & Design. Human service organizations receiving Breslow grants include the Venice Family Clinic and Covenant House California.

Advice for Los Angeles Grantseekers

The Los Angeles region has long been the focal point for Breslow grantmaking. Three years after Elaine’s death, Warren Breslow married Gail Buchalter in 2014 and bought a Beverly Hills home. They now pursue philanthropy together, in addition to traveling the world and playing golf. But unfortunately for Los Angeles nonprofits, this foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests for funding or make itself particularly accessible to grantseekers.

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